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Robbie Berry first fell in love with American Sign Language (ASL) when she was a teenager in Las Vegas, NV. She saw deaf and hearing kids signing together on stage and soon after joined Sign Design Theater Company, performing and touring with them for five years. She majored in Theater at Southern Utah University and received her MFA in Performance from The University of Virginia.
Once she hit New York City auditioning and waiting tables, Robbie took ASL classes and fell in love with the language and culture all over again… this time enrolling in the ASL – English Interpretation Program at LaGuardia Community College and working in the Deaf community. Robbie graduated from LaGuardia in 2005, and for eight years she worked in Deaf research, surveying Deaf people about different health topics in ASL. Robbie has taught children in both the Deaf and hearing communities. She is currently continuing her work as a freelance interpreter/ actor.
Along the way she moved out to Jersey, got married and started a family.  She taught her own son, Jack, signs. Robbie was thrilled when at 9 months he started signing “more” and “all done” when he was eating. It really cut down on the frustration of trying to figure out his wants and needs. That experience inspired Robbie to teach this same beautiful and useful tool to other parents.
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